What’s Next

Here it is 2014, a new year and the beginning of a new life! It is exciting yet scary. The changes in my life were set in motion when I made the decision to leave Unity of Savannah. I thought that was a difficult decision but now I am am faced with even more decisions and none of them are easy. So besides letting go of Unity, I have found a buyer for my loved Red and so I have to let go of her.
Then after deciding to rent our home as a vacation rental, we got an offer to buy it. So now I have to decide what to do about that. The weight of all this is quite oppressive but I have to trust that there is a Power Greater than myself guiding me and leading me through this.
It doesn’t make the tears less or the decisions easier but it sure is keeping me in touch with my HP. This year is starting off to be a real emotional ride!

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