I believe every person can change their lives no matter what their age or circumstances. For most people, it is just that we do not know how, or do not have, the support to do it.

My hope is to be a channel for the knowledge and support so people can truly become grateful for the life they have and to empower them to achieve the life they would like.

Minister Services

Arlene is the founder of Savannah Ceremonies, an organization that offers weddings, holy unions, memorial services, pet blessings and house blessings to all.

Each ceremony is designed especially for you and your partner. Rev. Arlene will discuss with you what you want and then tailor the service to your preferences. more details.

Life Consultant

As a Life Consultant, Arlene encourages others to design and manifest a life that is in harmony with their Soul’s purpose. For over 10 years, she has worked with people seeking to start a new life, or a new chapter in their life, whether it is because of recovery, retirement, major life changes or just wanting to do something more with their lives. more details.