Taking Off

The past few months have been one letting go after another. Each time I thought I could not let go of another thing, another thing to let go of appeared. After Sunday, saying goodbye to my Bikram studio and family, I felt I had reached my max. But this morning, as we prepare to leave Savannah, I am filled with a mixture of sadness and anticipation. I am anxious to leave and begin this journey I have chosen, but very sad to leave a place I am truly in love with.

And then of course there are the people I have had to say goodbye to that have been such an important part of my life. I know I will be back in Savannah in a few months as we head from Florida to the northwest, but it will only be a short time as we pass by.

I am grateful for these years in Savannah – they have been some of the best years in my life – but I also know that this journey I am beginning has been a lifelong dream of mine and however it goes, I will be able to look back and say “I did it”.

I have always believed that the worse we can do in life is to not do what our hearts yearn to do so that in the later years of our lives, we have regrets. For me, this journey is what it will be, and when the time comes to take my last breath, I will be able to say – “I did it!”

Gratefully on the road,


  1. Don Callahan says:

    Bon voyage! Have a wonderful trip! I love you.

  2. Lynne Jones says:

    Wishing you well. Where is your journey taking you?

  3. Brie Pawlak says:

    Hoorah! I honor your courage to follow your path with heart! I too am leaving Savannah (on Monday) to journey to Toronto and explore what awaits me there. I’m glad to know though we aren’t journeying physically in the same location, we are journeying in consciousness together. Many blessings, adventures, lessons, joys and a rich, full experience as you journey.

    Love Brie

  4. Zola Delburn says:

    Bravo!!! I am so happy for you!!! Love to you and Christopher.

  5. Melinda says:

    Yahoo!!!! Wonderful journey and much love to you both!

  6. Bobbie Kraft says:

    Hi Arlene
    Thinking of you two. Have fun!

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