Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunny, blue and green!

YEAH! The coats came off today, as well as the sweatshirt and on came the t-shirt. As we drove through north central Florida the first think I noticed was how green the grass was and how blue the sky was. The sun felt warm on my face and it felt good to be back in Florida.

Our first stop is Paines Prairie State Park which is actually only about 10 miles from where we had our meditation center. Paines Prairie is a glimpse into what this part of Florida was like before it was developed. It contains heavily treed areas as well as an expanse of prairie that is home to buffalo, wild horses, alligators (lots of them) and a variety of other living creatures. It is a wonderful place to ride a bike or hike but the main reason we are here is for me to begin RV driving lessons. Although I have been driving our RV for many miles, the goal to the lessons is to learn all the ins and outs of driving a 37foot monster pulling another vehicle behind it.

In the peace and quiet (as well as warm but comfortable temperatures, it is a great opportunity to just be. It is also a wonderful opportunity to visit some old friends and some old haunts. Mostly though it is good to be out of the cold and into warm balmy weather!

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