Sitting watching the river flow by – High Springs, FL

Here I am sitting on a deck overlooking the Sante Fe River. It is peaceful and quiet with the only sound, the singing of the birds, the wind in the moss laden oak trees, and the river rolling by.

It is quiet and serene just being – with no deadlines or stress. Life is sure different then it was just a few months ago. I loved my life before and I thought I would stay doing the same things and living in the same place for a long time. But as much as I loved my life previously, my life now is filled with wonder, new and old friends, and the time to appreciate the beauty around me.

No matter how wonderful it is where we are in our travels, I know there are more wonderful and beautiful experiences yet to happen. I can enjoy the now because the now is peace-filled and awe-filled. I can look forward to what is yet to be without fear, because I am being who I was meant to be.

Most of all, I am so grateful for all of my life – the life before this, my life now, and the life to come. My heart soars with gratitude as I continue this journey because I know I am following my heart – and for me that is the best I can do!

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