Sabbatical 3

Last night we had a wonderful rain storm.  This morning when I went out early to walk my dog, Willow, I could smell all the wonderful summer scents of childhood.  The recently cut grass, the warm but not humid temperatures, the sound of the birds and the feeling of all being right with the world.  It has been such a gift to just be.  To not have schedules to keep, to read a good novel, to spend time with my beloved dog and my sister’s cat who just loves to sit on my lap and let me love him.

It is true that it is the simple things in life which really matter, which bring us true joy and which make us realize that each day is a gift to not just enjoy but savor.

This was written on the wall of the yoga studio yesterday.  “When your life flashes before your eyes one day, will you like the pictures.”  Each day we get to choose the pictures of our lives.  Choose well.


  1. Lisa C. says:

    A happy, observant, giving life. The “miracle” is happening now.

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