Sabbatical 2

Time alone to do the things I love to do, listen to the music I like to listen to, and have space to move around.  Life is good and I am truly blessed to have this time to be.  I think the fear of the unknown in the future has subsided as I enjoy this  moment.

It is a shame that we do not take time in our busy daily lives to do this for ourselves.  We are so busy doing what we have to, doing what is expected of us, that we never stop to ask ourselves what is it we really want to do and then take the time to do it.  We always think we will do it tomorrow but today is all we have.
When we mortgage our lives to be free some day in the some time distant future we are short changing ourselves.  My desire is to take this lesson back with me when I return to the “real world’ and make sure I take the time to “stop and smell the roses” when I can.
What is it you are putting off?  Is it possible you can do it now?  Today is the only time we are guaranteed so do one thing you love to do no matter what is on your to do list.  Enjoy the day!

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