Our First Storm

Today we are sitting in our RV with rain beating down and the wind howling around us. It is actually kind of cozy in an eerie sort of way. Days like this make me really slow down even more. No long walks to here or there. No hopping in the car to run some errand. Just hanging out waiting for the weather to pass.

This day reminds me of another day 13 years ago when Christopher and I were traveling around the north central part of the country in a pop up camper with Willow and his sister, MeToo, who were less than a year old. We were in Illinois and there was a tornado warning for the area. Not sure whether to move (since tornados also move) we just kept the pop up attached to our truck so it wouldn’t blow away or in case we had to make a quick getaway.

As the wind howled, all of us huddled together on the bed in the back of the camper praying, (well we were praying, not sure about Willow and MeToo). Eventually the storm passed, the weather calmed and the sky became blue.

Being in a storm (whether it is a rain storm or a class 4 hurricane) reminds me of life. Sometimes in life we have to weather storms. In the midst of them it can be scary. Our thoughts like strong winds beat against us causing us to doubt and fear. Our feelings of inadequacy rain down upon us and unless we protect ourselves with positive thoughts, they can dampen our spirits and keep us bogged down.

It is important to remember in bad weather, (physical, emotional or mental), that the best thing to do is batten down the hatches, find something positive to focus on, and keep centered in the thought that “this too shall pass”, the sun will come out and all will be clear.

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