Ocala National Forest

We are in the Ocala National Forest, a serene, peaceful part of central Florida. Here amongst the pines, live oaks, palm trees and palmettos are beautiful clear springs where you can see fish of all kinds and manatees. We are at Salt Springs where the water temperature is always around 72 degrees.

It is also bear country not to mention all the other wildlife that habitat that natural piece of Florida. IT is a great place to just stop for awhile and be since the nearest town, Ocala is about 35 miles away.

There is very poor phone reception and to get Wi-Fi, we have to go to the office at the entrance. However there are loads of trees, space between campsites, and no highway noise. But what is truly spectacular is the nighttime sky. It is ablaze with stars and is great place to star gaze, as there are no lights to take away from the brilliance of the night sky.

I find that as more and more time goes by without the stress of the world, I can begin to see all the wonder around me. I have always lived my life full speed and this is certainly something new. New though is good, because my reason for doing this journey was to see and experience things that I had not done previously.

I knew going into this that meant a little of both yin and yang with the experience. Because that is what life is about. It is about taking all of our experiences and finding the blessings.

To all of life’s blessings!

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