The other day, I could not access my phone, computer, or iPad. My Apple account blocked me from everything because of an issue with my password. I could not do anything with them except use my phone to make calls.

It is wonderful when high-tech stuff works smoothly, but when your modern marvels break down, it can test your patience, making it easy to become upset. But I learned many years ago from my very wise son that the more we get upset at a computer (or any tech stuff), the less likely we are to find the solution. 

He taught me that when things like that happen, rather than getting rattled by them, I should stop and take a moment (or breath) before beginning to look for the solution. Next, do the magical fix and turn it off and then on again. It amazes me how often that does the trick.

This technique works with life as well.  Often, things come up in our lives that get us upset, angry, or frustrated. The more we struggle and fight against the situation, the less likely we will find a solution or peace. 

So what do we do?  We turn ourselves off and then back on again. How do we do that? We stop and breathe; if we can, we close our eyes and spend a moment settling ourselves.  We reset ourselves so that when we come “back on again,” we find the insight, intuition, and wisdom to find the answer to whatever the difficulty is or find peace in accepting it.  

Acceptance involves surrendering to the realization that we have no control over people, places, things, or events. We then practice gratitude and appreciation for whatever is happening in front of us (whether we like it or not), and we begin to experience “the peace that passes all understanding.”.

Regarding my tech stuff, I was able to find a solution and fix it before the technician came on the phone.  That never would have happened if I had gotten angry or frustrated.

The next day, in perfect Divine Order, I heard what I thought was a great mantra to use when challenges come into our lives. I plan on adding it to my repertoire of spiritual tools for life. 

It goes, “I am free from my worries, anxieties, and fears.  I am relaxed, and I am happy.” 

My prayer for you is “May you be free from worries, anxieties, and fears.  May you be relaxed and happy.”

Quote of the Week

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

Albert Einstein

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