Midweek Message March 19, 2014

Two days ago I celebrated my birthday.  The celebrations of birthdays is interesting because we make a big deal about something that we really did nothing to accomplish – yet we still do it.  Some people make a bigger deal about it then others.  Some dread birthdays and the process of aging that they represent.  Some love birthdays as a celebration of another year to appreciate this thing we call life.  Children love birthdays because each birthday usually means they are now older to do something that previously they “were too young” to do.

I still believe that a birthday can represent a new year and a chance to do something we may not have done before.  I usually celebrate my birthday by doing something I previously have not done.  One year it was a 60-day Bikram challenge (60 classes in 60 days sweating to 107 degrees for 90 minutes).  Last year it was doing a zip line tour in spite of my fear of heights.  This year, it is leaving everything I know and love to live in an RV, to travel, and to earn a living without a set salary while doing what I love to do.

We can moan and groan about getting older, but the truth is that the alternative to getting older is death!  Most of us may not be ready to die; yet we fight another birthday and another year. That is futile because that which we resist persists.  No matter how much we may fight getting older or (fill in the blank), the more we have to deal with it.

What is it that you believe you are too old to do?  Well you are not!  My granddaughter’s maternal grandfather at the age of 75 tried out for a musical play (having never sung or acted before but encouraged by his granddaughter’s courage).  He did not get the part but he did get a callback (which is a big deal).  He has now decided to take voice lessons and tryout for another show.  My husband, Christopher, hopped on his pogo stick around every state capital building and grounds, at the age of 65.

We limit ourselves because we believe we are limited.  Ask yourself what you like to do and whatever your age, do it.  You might surprise yourself at the outcome.

Quote of the Week

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

George Eliot

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