MIDWEEK MESSAGE – February 22, 2023

So often we blame things outside of ourselves for f our difficulties – lack of money, education, luck, parents, economic conditions, the weather, etc. – the list goes on and on.

We think our current circumstances are the result of stuff that happened or is happening to us. As long as that is what we believe we are keeping ourselves from the wonderful gifts the Universe is always sending us. We are living our life from the outside in. But the things that happen to us or at least our reaction to them are the result of living from the inside out

Once we realize that life is an inside job, our happiness, our peace, and our prosperity are the result not of what is going on “out there” but “in here” [our minds].

Understanding that and putting it to practical use in our lives is the key to life, not just joyous but free as well. Free to have, do, and be all we were created to be. For that to happen we have to stop being victims of life, but cocreators with the Creator.

The next time you are busy complaining about what is not right in your life, ask yourself what thoughts you are thinking. Negative thoughts bring negative results – positive thoughts bring th opposite.

Want to change your thoughts? First, make a decision that you want to change your thinking and then begin speaking positive affirming things to yourself. Lastly, take an action to bring yourself closer to what it is you want in your life.

Three simple steps but not easy. Do not be dismayed. Just do your best one day at a time.
You will be amazed at the results!

Quote of the Week

“Your life becomes what you think.”
Marcus Aurelius, 2nd century stoic

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