Midweek Message – April 2, 2014

Changes are difficult because they usually entail overcoming fears. Sometimes the fears are obvious before you take the leap and sometimes they are insidious and pop up when least expected. Whichever category they may fall, they are just fears – “False Evidence Appearing Real.” That does not make them any easier to walk through.

Here I am a couple of months into our journey and life is good. I have had the opportunity to connect with old friends, visit some old stomping grounds and discovering new ones while finding life on the road to be better than I had imagined…All good right?

Out of the blue pops up an old fear – fear of financial insecurity. More money going out than coming in which brings up some old tapes such as, “who do you think you are that you can follow your dream?” “Why don’t you do what you are supposed to do and settle down, work and be responsible?” And there are many more.

So what do I do? For me, praying and meditating followed by action are vital for overcoming these fears and realizing the truth that they are false appearances appearing real. I discovered as I soon as I became aware of this, that the problem was not enough money but the fact that I had gotten financially “sloppy” and it was time for proactive action.

Time to go back to basics such as doing an old fashioned budget and realizing there were ways I could manage things to make it all work. Through prayer and meditation I am able again to remember the truth that God is my Source.

Wherever we are on our journey, arising fears give us an opportunity to strengthen our spiritual life and truly put to test our principles and beliefs. So I am grateful for these opportunities to know that I am not perfect and that I cannot do life on my own.

Quote of the Week
He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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