March 20, 2024

For my birthday, I went to see the movie Arthur the King. The movie is based on the true story of a race called the Adventure Racing World Championship, a race by teams that are pushed to the outer limits of endurance in a five-day-long race covering 435 miles.  In the race, the teams run, kayak, cycle, and climb over a terrain of jungle, rivers, and cliffs.  The main character,  Michael Light, is desperate for one last chance to win. As the team gets pushed to the outer limits of endurance, a stray dog comes along for the ride, redefining what victory, loyalty, and friendship truly mean.

For me, it was a movie about the angels we meet on this journey called life. Sometimes, they are the people we’re blessed to know; other times, the angels have four legs and fur instead of skin. In whatever form they may take, they come into our lives to guide us through the treacherous times for as long as we need them.

In this movie, the angel comes in the form of a dog named Arthur. Arthur is an angel not only because of his actions to protect the racers but also because knowing him allows each member of the team to become an angel to the others.

Arthur teaches them, especially Michael, to be guided by their hearts, not their minds. This previously made him obsessive about winning and caused him to lose the respect and friendship of his teammates in previous races. During the race, Michael and his teammates learn that it is not about winning but how we deal with challenges that determine whether or not we are real winners.  

I believe that angels come into our lives to help us, guide us to become better people and teach us that the important things in life cannot be measured by success, money, position, or capabilities.  

Like Arthur, I was blessed with a furry angel named Nike. He came into my life when I needed him and showed me love when I felt unlovable and unable to love. He gave me a reason to live when sometimes it was the last thing I wanted. I guess that is why the movie brought such tears to my eyes. 

I have been blessed with many angels, and I am sure you have. Therefore, always remember to be grateful for them and know they prove we are never alone. We are loved by a Creator who sends us what we need to feel Its Presence in our lives at the right and perfect time and in the right and perfect form.

Quote of the Week

“Most of us have been told that angels have wings; some of us have learned they have paws.”

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