Leaving the Forest

Today we left the Forest and entered back into “civilization”. I do love the peace, quiet and beauty here but am also looking forward to being near things such as stores, Wi-Fi and Bikram!

Beingin the forest gave me time to do some thinking about what direction to go next and what has come from it is that I am still unsure! There is that time between one thing and another, that void, which can be a great time for creativity. It can also be a confusing time when the number of possibilities or lack of them can be staggering.

Someone told me years ago, when you don’t know what to do, do nothing. Well I don’t agree and so what I have decided to do is to go back to basics, to do some vision work and to take some steps and see where they lead me.

So far they are leading me to the Space Coast of Florida where I am speaking at a Unity Church. I had scheduled it a couple of months ago. Yesterday, I got an email from my friend who is the minister there that she is up north because her mother is dying.

I thought how wonderful it is that I can be of service to her in this difficult time by being there at her church for her on Sunday. In the end, is that not what our true purpose is in life, to be of maximum service to God and to others. How that looks can change from time to time but the essence of it is a constant. We need just be open to see the opportunities when they appear and willing to serve as needed. When we do that, amazing things can happen!

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