High Falls State Park

February 27, 2014
High Falls State Park,
High Falls, Georgia

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

I believe that quote by Joseph Campbell –if I didn’t I would not have left a life that I loved as well as planned, to go find the life that is waiting for me. As beautiful as it is in High Falls State Park, it is very cold. Last night it got in the 20’s and although the RV is warm, our water froze. Somehow, I never thought I would be RV’ing in weather of 25 degrees! South Florida is calling me, but it will be a week before we are there!

In spite of the cold weather, I have found blessings in an unexpected place. The park which I am sure is very crowded in the warmer months is quiet and peaceful – which is just what I needed after the hectic two months leading up to this point. The cold weather has offered me a time to stop and just be.

Then, last night we went to a meeting. I met a really lovely woman who told me her husband came to Savannah regularly for work. Then her husband came up to us (he had not heard our conversation) and asked if we were from Savannah. It turns out he had seen us there and remember us because he had once attended Unity of Rockdale while I was a minister there.

After he left, the man sitting next to me asked me if I was a Unity minister and had gone to the school in KC. When I said yes, he told me he had been a member of a Unity church in Albany, NY. It is a small world and it is little things like that which help me to remember that there is always something wonderful, interesting, or poignant when we need it. In a little town of Jackson, in the middle of the state of Georgia I met some people with whom I shared an immediate connection.

Thank you sweet Spirit for reminders that as I move away from the life I have known, I will find new and interesting people, places and things that I could not have experienced if I did not make the leap. There are always blessings when we choose to open our eyes to see them.

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