A month on the road!

I realized today that we have been in our new home for a month now! As we spend more time in it, we are becoming more organized and adapting to this new way of life.

The more time I spend in our home on wheels, the more I realized how so many things I thought I needed, I do not. I have definitely brought more clothes than I need and am getting ready to let go of some more stuff.

I am also getting use to cooking or uncooking in this new kitchen and finding that I also brought more spices, pots, utensils, etc. than I will probably use. Fortunately we do have the important things – our ice cream maker and our Vita Mix.

Life on the road is helping me to understand what is important to me and what is not. When you have only a certain amount of space, you need to prioritize on what is and is not necessary.

So too it is in life. In a world with many choices, much stress, too many things to do in too little time, it is important to ask ourselves what really matters to us. I am guilty of often-wasting time doing unimportant things while letting important things slip by. I have decided I need to think of my life as my personal RV. I have just so much time and so I need to think about what I want to fit into it and release the rest. Then comes the hard part – actually letting that stuff go!

Wish me luck!

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