A Matter of Health

Recently my husband had surgery to have multiple skin cancers removed. Some of them were quite large and a great deal of area around them had to be removed. Many people have the same type of things but what was amazing was the speed of his recovery.

The scars on his face are almost invisible just 2 weeks after the surgery and the others are healing fast as well. This is even more remarkable when you take into account that he is 74!

I believe the reason has to do with his lifestyle. A long time vegan who has not smoked or drank in over 35 years, exercises daily, sending healing thoughts to his body and meditates several times a day, he shows me what I already believe and know that when we take care of the body and the spirit, it takes care of us.

We can ignore what we are hearing more and more that how we care for ourselves directly impacts our health. We can continue to eat garbage, sit in front of the TV, not exercise, ignore exercising our minds and our spirits and live in denial. But at some point, we may have to face the consequences.

Or, we can do the right thing, care for our bodies as we care for our cars, understand that we have one body in this lifetime and treat it with respect. We can spend time meditating or reading spiritual uplifting literature and not watch the garbage that the world throws at us.

We may not have the ability to control others, what they do or say, but we can say yes to treating ourselves with the love and care we would give to our pets and our plants. We can begin today, being conscious of our lifestyle.

It may seem difficult. Our world makes it easy to binge on junk food, junk TV, and negativity. But if we say no to it and yes to ourselves, our reward is a rich, fulfilling, and healthy life for whatever years is ours to live.

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