Overflowing Gratitude

This week I was blessed with an overwhelming experience of gratitude! Not the kind of gratitude where I am grateful for my life but the kind of gratitude that makes my heart sing and realize what is truly important in life.

My husband, Christopher, entered the hospital yesterday for skin growths, the nature of which we were did not know. First of all, he had not been to a doctor in over 37 years so the whole hospital thing was a big deal.

There were many different scenarios as to what the outcome would be. The best scenario was that all of them would be removed completely, they would not be malignant, he would need no other treatment and the plastic surgery needed would be the least invasive and the quickest to heal.

Gratefully, that scenario was the one that was the final result. When my head finally hit the bed at night, emotionally and physically exhausted, I was truly grateful. When I woke up the next morning, refreshed, a song by Martina McBride entitled, “Blessed” kept going off in my mind.

I realized that I am truly blessed. I use to live a life in which I could never see the blessings. One in which whatever could go wrong would. The change did not happen over night but it did happen.

It is because of the changes in my own life, that I am so passionate about encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.

It is never too late to develop and attitude of gratitude rather than self-pity and never too late to change your attitude and your life. The journey may not always be easy but it is a journey that is worth taking.

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