So I made it – I am now in Connecticut – 5,000 miles and 20 states later. It seems like a dream now and in the distant past. During the trip, I saw some beautiful parts of our country, but I also met some wonderful people along the way.

Traveling alone allowed me to be willing to connect with others more than when I traveled with Christopher. I met some lovely people in unexpected places.

Between Utah and Arizona, I was staying in a motel in the Navajo Nation, and there was only one place to eat other than a Macdonald’s. I could not find anything to eat on the menu, and upon learning I was vegan, the waitress told me they had a plate of veggies and rice and assured me there would be enough food for me to eat so I did not have to get the side salad I also ordered. She seemed genuinely concerned with my well-being and took the time to make me feel welcomed and appreciated, although they were very busy.

On the other side of the US, I stopped at a rest area on the New Jersey Garden State Parkway which was very large and crowded. I only had my phone and was buying a drink when the cashier informed me that Apple Pay was not working. I said I would go to my car to get my card and be back.

The woman standing behind me offered to buy my drink and some popcorn. People often say that people in the NY metro area are not friendly, but that woman was undoubtedly kind and generous to me.

I think too often we hear about the bad things people do because it makes better news (or so the media thinks); however, I believe the world is filled with much goodness, and when we see the good in others, we find it, wherever our travels may take us.

Quote of the Week

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

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