MIDWEEK MESSAGE – May 24, 2023

I made it to Atlanta for my grandson’s high school graduation! It was a long ceremony as it was a big class, but I enjoyed the addresses given, especially the one by the school principal.

She talked about change, which I can relate to as I am amid many big changes in my life. She said, which rang true to me, “Never let change chase you away.”

She then talked about how change is an inevitable part of life and that the class should never let it keep them from pursuing their dreams and fulfilling their lives. She went on to say, “Never let change chase you away. You chase change.”

Wow, that was something that hit home for me! I realized that was a description of my life. Yes, changes happened that I did not plan or want. However, I also realized that throughout my life, I was the kind of person who did not wait for changes to happen; in reality, I “chased change.”

After listening to her, I realized that my constantly changing things was not a bad or good trait but one that was just who I was. It wasn’t some character flaw but just a calling from within.

I know people who spend much time and energy trying to keep changes from happening, which works for them. But at that graduation, I knew that was not for me because it wasn’t me.

I have a coin I treasure; on one side of the coin is the quote, “To Thine Own Self Be True.” It was something Christopher always said and one he lived by. So, although many people may not understand what I am doing (myself as well, at times), I know I am being true to myself.

Therefore, the next time someone asks me what I am doing, I will answer, “I am chasing change wherever that takes me!” And I will remember that I do not need anyone else’s understanding or approval because I am “being true to who I am.”

Quote of the Week

“Once I began to realize that there were no rules and that my path didn’t have to look like everyone else’s, I relaxed, and my whole world opened up.”
G. Brian Benson, author, and inspirational speaker

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