MIDWEEK MESSAGE – June 12, 2024

Sunday, a friend and I went to a gospel concert in the beautiful town of Madison, CT.  One of the songs performed was “Stand Still.” The chorus says, “I’ll stand still until Your will is clear to me.”

Standing still has never been easy for me. I tend to be restless, and I am quick to make decisions and changes in my life. Leaving California and moving east to a life filled with unknowns and without Christopher was a perfect example.  

However, when all my efforts to do what I thought I should be doing failed, I had no choice but to stand still.  As frightening as that was, I knew there was a reason the doors I tried to go through closed on me, knowing God had something in store for me, even if I had no idea what that was.

So I stood still, becoming present to the NOW of my life, being grateful for what was instead of hoping for what if.   My life today is nothing like I imagined, but it is better than anything I thought I wanted and needed.  

I am doing everything I love – writing this blog, speaking from time to time at a church in the area, being of service in recovery and to the homeless, having a wonderful group of friends, and doing things I had not foreseen. 

What is really interesting is that some things, like living near water, are a reality but not as I had imagined.  I have lived through a northern winter and not survived but thrived and got to experience spring in all her glory.

All I had to do was stand still until God’s Will was clear to me, be grateful always for what I had, let go of the need to get what I wanted, and live life in alignment with God’s will for me. 

Quote of the Week

“Commitment to the will of God – the purpose for which we are designed – offers freedom to become the person we are meant to be.”

Charles E. Hummel

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