MIDWEEK MESSAGE – July 7, 2021

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July celebration and remembered why they were celebrating.

In a country in which we pride ourselves on our freedom, we don’t take much time to be grateful for it. Maybe its because although we have political freedom many of us do not feel very free.

We often feel trapped in a life that we got by default not by choice. Years ago I lived a life my parents wanted for me, not one I wanted. I tried to live that life for awhile but eventually, I felt I had to break free and I did. That break caused much pain and harm to many, including myself.

I could have saved all that damage by doing something as simple as to “thine oneself be true”. I do not regret the whole thing because I received many lessons from it and today I am reaping the benefits from those lessons.

Today I live a life that feels like it is more true to who I am and who God created me to be. Today I feel free – not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.

Are you truly free? If not, what is holding you back? Maybe it is time to break out of the shackles of the past and experience true freedom.

Quote of the Week

“Ever since the dawn of civilization, the entire search of the human mind has been to get free from evil, from bondage, and the shackles of lack, want, fear, superstition, uncertainty, pain, disease, poverty, and fear of the hereafter.”
Ernest Holmes

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